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 number 1 cottage

Large from £25

Small £12.50


My cottages make a great alternative to the traditional cake, to celebrate a special occasion or as a treat.  They are decorated with sweets and treats to follow a theme or just the way you want it, and are cellophane wrapped with ribbon and other decorations.

Orders take on average 5 days, minimum mini cottage purchase required, call or email me for details. I deliver free on your chosen day; subject to distance.

As with all our food we use quality ingredients, no preservatives and no egg. They are completely natural and homemade.  We can work to a theme like Disney Christmas or a Gingerbread man cottage, Valentines Day (hide a ring inside), Easter bunny cottage, Farm cottage with animals etc……..

ppc catering 003comp                    mothers day cottage unwrapped                       wrapped M.S cottage                          valentines cottages 011comp

ginger&tyler show 008 comp


easter2                           valentines 2                         star mel cottage                  ellie cottage

retro cottage                  take that cottage13x gingerbread cottages       gru front

arsenal cottage    mini 3bear andmilkbottle   stable unwrapped


burgerss mini cottage     anniversary cottage1    cbeebies