Party Lunchbox

lunchoxess 1

If you decide on a themed lunchbox we make every effort to theme as many of the items as we can.  Every child gets their own box of food which means less waste and mess as all children can take home what they don’t finish.  
All items on sticks are available without the sticks for younger children upon request.

 Lunchbox Contents

Sandwich shaped to your theme or choose from squares or triangles in none theme boxes.(choose from the following fillings:- ham, cheese, cream cheese, tuna mayo, marmite, jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter (check for nut allergy)  or any combination of flavours listed
Decorated Biscuit or Cake (vanilla, chocolate, marble)
1 Fruit Kebab (pineapple, strawberry, mango, orange, apple, grape, kiwi) choose 3 fruits
1 Tomato, Cucumber and Pepper wand
1 portion of Homemade Cheese or Marmite shaped mini bites or 1 bag of ready salted crisps
4 Homemade mini sausage rolls or cheese and onion rolls
Themed / Plain Napkin
Themed / Plain Box

dino lunchbox   

cinderella lunchbox