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The Party Pixies Tale 

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One day a lady had a dream, to dedicate her time and creativity to making children’s party wishes come true.  She wanted to help build happy memories and hopefully help children have a positive view of food.

That lady is me Hazel Middleton the owner of Party Pixies Catering.  I want to bring food to life, using colour shape and texture, drawing inspiration from classic children’s favorites such as animals, princesses and pirates. I clearly remember my own childhood parties with homemade party treats, but how amazing it would have been to be surrounded by a table inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party or a banquet fit for a princess.

Engaging children with the food as much as the entertainment and decorations is a lot to ask busy parents, so let Party Pixies Catering take the pressure away.

Childhood doesn’t have to be over in the blink of an eye, by filling them with memories and new experiences they can last.  Birthday parties and special occasions give children positive life experiences, which they can then pass on.  For one afternoon they could be Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter or Old Mac Donald on his farm.

All of the great children’s Authors poured their creativity and imagination into their books, the mad hatter’s tea party, the queen of hearts jam tarts, pumpkin pasties or a Very Hungry Caterpillar feast, in an age of technology we need to help keep imagination and creativity in our children, and arguably adults too!

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