Party Check list

pixie and frog

A helpful checklist for you

to plan a great party

  • Be aware of any dietary requirements or allergies that your guests have.

  • Have a theme in mind and purchase  tableware and decorations to make the theme exciting for your child.

  • Don’t make the party to long, 1.1/2 – 2 hours is sufficient, unless you are having a sleepover party with a few friends.

  • With toddlers it is advisable for parents to stay, so depending on your venue you may wish to invite fewer guests.

  • Party Pixies Catering food is just as popular with adults so everyone’s catered for.

  • Schedule the party so that children aren’t running around with no guidance or suitable amusement. We have developed some suggested schedules for you, or design your own.

  • If you are having a party with special needs guests, its advisable to find out about their condition before the party.

  • Our party planning section has some great ideas for games and activities

  • Always start planning well in advance, the party day will be upon you much sooner than you think, give entertainers and ourselves plenty of notice so your not disappointed.