Party Schedule 2 – 4 years

 1½ – 2 Hours

With Toddler and young children’s parties, unless you are very well acquainted with your guests it is usual for an adult to remains with the child for the duration of the party.

  1.   Children arrive and give presents and cards to the Birthday boy or girl. It is always nice to take these and wait till slightly later in the party to open them. Take coats.

  2.   Direct the Children and adults into the party room, which will be decorated in your chosen theme. Allow for a few minutes of excitement and chatter.

  3.  If you have arranged an entertainer such as a magician, clown, storyteller etc. They should be there and ready when your guests arrive.  With the help of parents get the children sitting on scatter cushions etc.   Or if at a venue start the chosen activity, ball pits, soft play etc

  4.  With this age group do not expect them to sit for long periods of time, it might be an idea to change between activities and have a short game of pass the parcel or sleeping lions for example. (See our suggested party games page).

  5.   Have your food delivered just before party time and keep in the fridge until ready to be served, to ensure freshness. Arrange the food on themed tableware ideally in a different room to limit temptation.

  6.   Time to eat

  7.  After eating is then a nice time for the children to watch the presents being opened? Try and keep track, so that all thank you notes can be personal to the giver.

  8.   Return to your entertainer/ party games

  9.   While the children are being entertained clear away the food and bring out the Birthday cake.

  10.   End the entertainment and bring the children into the cake room with the lights out, candles alight and singing.

  11.   Children and adults say goodbyes while getting coats and shoes on etc.

  12.   Cut the cake and pack into individual cake boxes or themed napkins.

  13.   Hand out party bags/boxes and helium balloons with cake.

Well Done, Happy Birthday Memories for Everyone